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GLounge Skybar&Club

newest rooftop bar in Helsinki

Spectacular views! G Lounge Skybar&Club is the newest rooftop bar in Helsinki. Located on the 8th and 9th floors of Forum shopping center.

WED-THU 16-02 FRI 16-04 SAT 14-04 SUN 14-02

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FOr Mixed urban people

Distinctive changing drink menu with a personal touch. Tapas, drinks, beers, wines and champagne high above of the centre of Helsinki. Modern atmosphere for a mixed urban clientele.

We take reservations.

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Lounge bar, Club and VIP lounges

Sun Terrace on 9th floor with unique views over the City turns into a dance floor and club at night: handsome DJs from the evening till late night. You can book a table, VIP lounge or the whole Sun Terrace for the evening.

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